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Do you wish to develop as a person and professional, need support moving towards new goals or setting them, and wish to raise awareness and self-confidence? 

Personal coaching, individual conflict coaching, mediation service

In these turbulent and volatile times, many look deep within and discover that they are lacking balance and contentment. It may happen that the path you have chosen is not really yours and you are only playing a role, the protection of which promises to lead to conflict, either within yourself or in relationships with children, business partners, colleagues or even friends. Change and healing are not brought about by good advice, but above all by a supportive conversation partner whose smart questions help you get to exactly where you need to be at the moment.

Do you wish to develop as person and professional, need support moving towards new goals or setting them, to raise awareness and self- confidence? To learn to dream again and fulfil your dreams?

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A coach will not give advice, but will rather help you help yourself by focusing on your strengths.

Coaching will help you with the following:


Coaching helps you if you want to develop as a person or professional, lift your self- confidence and feeling of clarity or raise your communication skills.


Coaching will help you if you need help planning your time, setting your priorities or making a difficult decision.


Coaching will help you if you need support or additional motivation in setting new goals or moving towards them, and also if you have become “stuck” and don’t know exactly what you want.



“The coaching with Anneliis was so helpful. Every single session gave me a lot of clarity and made me see all the options I have. With her kind and patient way of leading the session, I could really express my doubts and fears. Together we found enough strength and this made me immediately take the steps for action. Thank you Anneliis for guiding me on my way!”


“To be honest, I have no idea what you did today, but I feel taller. Feel like we planted some seeds today.”


“As you can see, the previous session had me going full speed ahead. I had no idea I was capable of what followed. My ideas started moving!”


“Anneliis! Thank you so much! I`m so grateful!”


“Conflict coaching was a surprisingly powerful experience. Anneliis holding space and her good questions helped me to see a recurring conflict pattern in a relationship from a completely different angle. In addition to understanding what was happening to me during the conflict, I was able to think about what was happening to the other party more precisely. And it helped me understand what I really want to experience and what I need to do differently. It is so easy to react in one way, and in order to do it differently, you need self-awareness. Thank you, Anneliis, for helping me become a better version of myself.”


“Sessions with Anneliis were both stimulating and nurturing and accepting. Over the course of our four meetings, I gained more clarity and connection within myself about what was preventing me from creating collaborative relationships that carried the right values ​​for me. I clearly sensed Anneliis’ full presence and compassion, which in turn held the right space for me to become aware of self-limiting patterns. The best thing we can do, both for ourselves and for the people we connect with, is to find the limiting factors within ourselves and resolve them, which otherwise get projected to the world around us. Let’s do it more!“


The coaching with Anneliis has been a true blessing! For me, it was one of the highlights on my journey to personal growth. Anneliis to me is a very caring, compassionate, skillful, mindful and super present coach, with a wonderfully calming aura. She puts the coachee first and creates a safe space in which it was easy for me to open up, go deep, and be totally honest with myself. Her encouragement and the feedback she offered truly made a difference. Thank you, Anneliis! I do hope we will stay connected.


1:1 coaching

Coaching is a method that helps you out of a rut, helping you to discover new goals and then move step by step towards the change you desire.


Individual conflict coaching

Personal conflict coaching can help you if you need support in solving a specific conflict situation.



The mediator is an impartial expert whose aim is to help find a solution to the dispute.


I can help you if you need a new goal or direction and support in implementing change.

Wish to develop as a person and as a professional, need support in moving in a new direction or setting new goals, raise your awareness and self-confidence?