Mediation can be described as assisted negotiation to resolve a disagreement, which helps the parties to the conflict to avoid the court proceedings that are often time and money consuming.

The mediator is an impartial expert whose aim is to help find a solution to the dispute. The conciliator does not represent either party in the dispute, nor do they make any decisions binding to the parties or administer justice during the process.  A mediator is a person who, with the consent of the participants, intervenes in the resolution of the conflict, but does not impose a solution. A mediator supports the negotiations of the parties by providing a solid support structure and environment to get to the desired results. 

Mediation is:

A voluntary process

In contrast to a trial, the parties can leave at any moment, for any reason or even for no reason. Focus is set on the needs of the parties and possible solutions.

Independence and impartiality

It is forbidden for the mediator to support one party over the other, or to prefer one result of the mediation to another.


The conciliation process is strictly confidential.

I offer mediation services for resolving conflicts within the organisation as well as commercial mediation arising from contractual relationships.