1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching

Coaching is a method that helps you out of a rut, helping you discover new goals and then moving step by step towards the change you desire. It helps to create a great deal of awareness, make new discoveries, identify your limiting beliefs, and generally grow as a person. Coaching works on the principle that the clients have all the necessary information and skills to implement change and give up on the old that has ceased to serve. A coach will not give advice, but rather helps you help yourself by focusing on your strengths. I consider it important that the goals that are pursued come from deep within the person him- or herself and are in strong harmony with the client`s inner values. Fulfilling external goals can lead to rapid short- term results but almost never increases a person’s satisfaction in the long term.

Coaching will help you, inter alia, in the following situations:

  • need help planning your time
  • want to develop as a person or professional
  • need support or additional motivation in moving towards new goals
  • need help making a difficult decision
  • you’re “stuck”, or you don’t quite know what you want
  • you want to develop yourself as a communicator

Coaching is suitable for you if:

  • you are open and curious
  • you want to move towards a better tomorrow, not be mired in yesterday to blame yourself or others
  • you are ready to take responsibility for the results yourself

I can help you if you need a new goal or direction and support in implementing changes.