Individual conflict coaching

konfliktide lahendamine

Disagreements are among the most natural part of being human. They are even inscribed in us. As human beings, we perceive most things differently: our needs, feelings, wishes, visions of the world can be the same only on a rather superficial level. 

However, every disagreement is not necessarily a conflict.  Conflict only occurs when one party feels that the other person’s disagreement prevents them from carrying out their own intentions; that is to say, on the level of action, or when the disagreement is perceived as a deep attack on one’s own values, needs or identity.

The main key to solving the situation is your ability to understand yourself and your triggers.  Understanding others requires accepting yourself. Accepting yourself requires knowing yourself.

Personal conflict coaching can help you if you need support in resolving a specific disagreement, or you tend to repeatedly find yourself in the same situations, and you feel you need to develop your conflict capability and take a look at your habits of conflict resolution.

If you, as a manager, are feeling that you`re spending a disproportionate amount of time and resources dealing with interpersonal problems and this has started to limit the growth of you and your team, conflict coaching could be of help.

I offer individual sessions to resolve both personal and business- or workplace- related conflict situations.

Value of conflict coaching for you and your company:

  • decrease in stress level and smoother work processes
  • decrease in employee turnover
  • increase in productivity and level of cooperation
  • improved interpersonal relationships

Through conflict coaching sessions, it is possible to:


  • explore what best to do about the conflict that has already arisen 
  • identify the best strategies to move forward
  • consider how to approach a possible conflict situation that may arise
  • explore and develop your attitudes and habits in conflict situations
  • prepare for difficult conversations
  • keep the situation at hand from escalating

Conflict coaching is suitable for you if you agree that:


  • in order for the process to be successful, you need to look at yourself honestly and put yourself in the shoes of your opponent, and you understand that in order to get closer to the desired result, you need to be prepared for change yourself
  • the coach will not solve the problem for you, on the contrary – you are responsible for the results, because you are responsible for implementation of the steps identified during the coaching process that are necessary to resolve the conflict
  • resolving a conflict requires an understanding of the possible point of view of the other party, but neither the client or the coach can be held responsible for or take into account the potential actions or omissions and attitudes of the other party to the conflict
  • the success of the coaching process is measured as moving closer to fulfilling the client’s own goals